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Kris Bacani Makeup Studio

ADDRESS: 48 Kalaw St. Mira-Nila Homes, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.


From EDSA Northbound:

1. Turn right to East Avenue

2. Turn right to Elliptical Road (end of East Avenue)

3. Turn right to Commonwealth Avenue

4. Turn left under the flyover (going towards McDonald’s and 7-11)

5. Turn right to Tierra Pura Homes

6. Go straight until you reach Mira-Nila Homes and look for # 48 on the right side of the street.

From C-5 Northbound:

1. Go all the way straight past Market Market and Tiendesitas

2. Go up the flyover going to Eastwood

3. Go up the flyover going to Katipunan Avenue

4. Go straight to Old Balara

5. Once you’ve reached Commonwealth Avenue, go straight under the flyover towards McDonald’s and 7-11

6. Turn right to Tierra Pura Homes

6. Go straight until you reach Mira-Nila Homes and look for # 48 on the right side of the street.

FOR MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING ONLY. For those who will ask me if I offer rebonding or pedicure, I wish you acne. Major acne. Joke lang, but yeah you get the point. =)


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My first meeting with Kayan didn’t really go so well. We were scheduled to have a trial makeup at my studio. At the same time, another potential client wanted to observe how I do the trial, so I invited her to observe my trial with Kayan.

Potential Client (let’s call her PC from now on) brought along 2 more companions, her sister and her 6 year old daughter. As I was doing Kayan’s makeup, PC’s daughter was starting to get restless and was making a lot of noise. My studio is relatively small, so while she was standing up from the couch she accidentally knocked down my bottle of toner and its contents spilled on the floor! I was of course irritated, because my toner was newly opened and now it only had 1/4 of it’s original content. PC didn’t even offer to pay for it. I gave her daughter a Total Girl Magazine so she could finally keep still and be quiet and just read. But no, she proceeded to read all the words ALOUD! This went on til the trial the ended. What’s more, this was also the day my old digicam got lost in my studio, and I really have a strong feeling PC stole it. Heck, for all the trouble she’s caused, she didn’t even book me! I decided this was going to be the first and last time I will let anyone “observe” a trial.

Anyway, on to Kayan. I was really afraid she won’t book me because of all the ruckus during her trial, but thankfully she liked her hair and airbrush makeup so she did, even though I was so distracted the whole time I was doing makeup on her.

Here’s her before picture during the wedding day:

and after:

I noticed that Kayan had close set eyes, meaning they are close to each other. I concentrated the eyeshadow on the outermost part of her eyelids and extended the eyeliner a bit to give the illusion that they are more apart. Of course all of this was done subtly, as this was wedding makeup. If I would be doing makeup for a fashion editorial, I would have done winged eyeliner and really piled on the color on the outer lids.

Here are more photos from the official photographer:

I was about to leave the hotel when I realized I didn’t have a single photo of me with Kayan. Good thing the photographer managed to take this:

And lastly, check out her groovy bridal car!

Special thanks to Ms. Edith of Eventus for the referral =)

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12.27.09. At first, I was really hesitant to book this wedding because it’s sooo far. We will be going all the way to Tayabas, Quezon, just to do Nancy’s hair and makeup for her civil wedding. That’s about a 4-5 hour drive, one way! Even though I bring a driver with me for out of town gigs (thanks Kuya Sonny!), and of course there’s the additional out of town fee, I was still thinking if the effort is worth it. Apparently, it was =) Seeing Nancy happy with our work made the whole trip worthwhile, pero naloka talaga ako with our sched:

8am-12nn: Drive to Tayabas

12nn-1:30pm: Eat lunch

1:30-2:00: Grooming for King (the groom)

2:00-4:00: Hair and Makeup for Nancy

4:00: Drive back to Manila

We just spent a total of 2 1/2 hours working and 10 hours on the road!

Anyway, enough about that and on to Nancy. Even though she’s based in Manila, we weren’t able to have a trial makeup because of her busy sched. For the truly OC brides, they will have countless of trial makeup sessions just to make sure they get the look that they want on their wedding day. For those who are laid back type, or just completely clueless about makeup, they will leave it all up to me, ok lang kahit walang trial. “Basta pagandahin mo ako!” is their usual line =) Nancy, of course, is the latter. Here’s her before pic:

and after:

I observed that her eyebrows were overpowering her face, so I trimmed and shaped them but made sure they were still full so as not to alter her look completely. For the eyes, I used a pink, plum, and brown palette which flatters medium-toned skin.

For the hair, Dimple gave her a half updo with soft curls that frame her face to soften her square jawline.

Here are more photos from the official photographer, unfortunately I was unable to get his name:

Worth mentioning too is the place where the civil wedding was held. Who knew there’s such a place like Graceland Estate in Tayabas? For those looking for an out of town location for their wedding, you might wanna consider this!

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01.10.10 I’ve lost count on how many wedding makeup inquiries I got for this date. But Joni booked me as early as May 2009, so I was all hers for this date. She told me that according to feng shui, this is a very lucky day to get married. If this is already lucky, then how much luckier 10.10.10 (October 10, 2010) could get??

As with most of my chinita clients, they always request that I make their chinky eyes look bigger. My formula: Smoky eyeshadow + false eyelashes = bigger eyes! A few days before her wedding day, I got this new shade of eyeshadow from Makeup Designory called Brownstone, a shimmery dark brown shade, and that’s what I used on her. Here’s her “before” pic:

and after:

hair by Dimple:

here are more shots from Niceprint Photography:

Love that last pic =) 3 weeks after the wedding, I was surprised to receive an angpao from her delivered to my house. So sweet of her na may pahabol pang tip!

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After the craziness of December ’09 and January ’10 bookings, I finally have time to start this makeup blog. From now on, I’ll try my very best to write about my experiences as a makeup artist, do product reviews, answer makeup questions, and just blog about all things kikay. Happy reading! =)


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