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MARY KAY Top Picks

This post is long overdue. I’ve been constantly working with Mary Kay Cosmetics for about 4 years now, and they’ve been sooo generous with me, they give me a lot of products to try out that I’m having a hard time using everything! Here are my top picks from this brand:

1. Timewise Liquid Foundation

Before, I find their yellow-based foundations still a bit too pink, but they got it right this time with their Timewise line. The shades have just the right amount of yellow in them, making them more Pinay friendly.





2. Concealer

The concealers come in small tubes, but they’re uber pigmented and creamy so a little goes a long way.






3. Mineral Blush in Shy Blush and Strawberry Cream

These 2 cheek color shades are a staple in my bridal kit. The Shy Blush is a dead ringer of Nars Orgasm, and Strawberry Cream is just the right shade of pink that will make anyone look blushing. Both have just enough shimmer to have that much coveted glow.

4. Cream Eye Color in Pale Blush and Iced Cocoa

Cream form + powder finish = No creases! Pale Blush and Iced cocoa are perfect for everyday natural look.

5. Creme Lipstick in Hibiscus

For those blah days or when you’re just lazy to put on full makeup, just swipe on this puta pink shade and you’ll instantly feel pretty and made up!





6. Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask

When I tried it out, my face was so touchably soft and smooth after, it really is a moisture miracle in a tube. It instantly hydrates, softens, and smoothens the skin, and is great for all skin types. Mary Kay has great skin care products, and this is definitely one of my favorites so far.





Mary Kay Cosmetics is a direct selling brand, so it’s available thru their Beauty Consultants. Go here for more details or if you are interested in selling them.



Be A Vintage Vixen This Christmas Season

A few days ago and Purbeauty invited me to do a holiday makeup tutorial for them. Check out this step by step guide and channel your old Hollywood glam this Christmas!

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Part 2 of PURBEAUTY: My Top Picks

I have gotten to know PURBEAUTY inside and out ever since I started teaching in Makeup Designory Manila. Here are my current faves from this store:


Before I became I makeup artist, I specifically remember the 2 times I had a professional manicure and pedicure: my junior prom and my sister’s debut. Putting on nail polish never really appealed to me; I see it as a time consuming, unnecessary task. Now, I can’t live without it! As a makeup artist and makeup teacher, my hands are always captured in photos (especially wedding photos) and people always look at them whenever I do makeup demos. So every two weeks, I go to my suking nail spa for mani-pedi to make sure that my fingernails are always clean, polished, and coated in a pretty shade (I couldn’t do my own mani-pedi even if my life depended on it). The spa charges more if you want to use premium nail polish, so I just bought my favorite Orly shades since I know I’ll be using them over and over again. My staple shades are:

Country Club Khaki. A “greige” shade (gray + beige), or as my friend put it, my bangkay-gray shade. :p



Orly has launched their new Birds of a Feather line, and the Purbeauty people told me it’s going to be available in a month’s time in the store.

I am not a fan of metallic shades, but this one really appealed to me:

Nite Owl

Pretty, no? Purbeauty people, are you reading this? SPRINT ASIA PEOPLE, ARE YOU READING THIS??? This would make a very nice Christmas gift! Hehe 🙂


I’m so happy more and more professional makeup are now available here in Manila through Purbeauty. One that I was looking forward to for a very long time is Ben Nye Cosmetics, an affordable yet densely pigmented line of makeup. Last week, I finally saw them displayed. I will be buying this after I’m finished with my Kryolan loose powders:

Ben Nye Loose Powder in Banana. The powder is very very fine, and at P300, it’s really affordable.


A dead ringer of Nars’ orgasm, but with less shimmer so it’s perfect for everyday. Very pigmented, too.


I was able to use these brushes last week when I taught the personal makeup class, and the quality is good. At around P5,000, the price is not bad at all. It has the basics covered. Plus I like the brush roll, which is very utilitarian chic. Some of my students bought this and they’re very happy with it! I recommend this a starter brush set for newbie makeup artists, and as a personal set for makeup addicts/junkies.


Here’s another professional brand that is worth checking out. Most makeup artists I know carry Graftobian in their kit, and they’re satisfied with its performance.

If only I don’t have yet the shades in this palette, I would have instantly bought this. The color selection is perfect for bridal work. Other palettes are also available with different color selection.


I’m buying the refills for this palette. My Makeup Designory co-teacher Georginna Desuasido convinced me to buy these, and I will definitely! I like the full coverage it gives.

Who hasn’t heard of Dollface? With a whopping 88 colors in a palette and with an unbeatable price to boot, this is the go-to brand for makeup artists and junkies who don’t want to shell out on pricey eyeshadows yet. The color combinations are endless!

What are your favorite products from Purbeauty? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Purbeauty is located at the 2nd floor of Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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PURBEAUTY: Haven for Makeup Artists and Makeup Addicts

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about PurBeauty, given that this store is the home of Makeup Designory Manila, the makeup school where I currently teach. It has been open for almost a year now and earlier this year I’m there almost everyday, so this post is long overdue!

Aside from it being MUD Manila’s headquarters, it is a haven for MUAs (Make Up Artists and yes, Make Up Addicts also) and the go-to place for all things kikay. The following makeup equipment are available here:

Love that zebra print trolley!

Makeup chairs and malettes galore

ZUCA trolley, around P14,000. I’ve been eyeing this for months already!

You can also find the following brands here:












Speaking of Makeup Designory, I dropped in the ongoing Diploma Class by co-teacher Georginna Desuasido.

I missed you, Ginna! The students learned all about eyeliner, mascara, false eyelash, and lipstick application earlier. I’ll be teaching the Diploma night classes on January 2012, so for those interested to enroll, you may call Purbeauty at 8469016 and look for Alexis.

I’ll be posting my top picks from this store next, but for now I’ll leave you with my haul for today. I have Purbeauty gift certificates and I decided to spend them on new Revlon lip colors for my kit.

L-R: Revlon Colorstay Lipsticks (P575 each) in Crimson, Mauve, Plum, and Soft Rose

L-R: Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses(P575 each) in Gold Dust, Rosepearl, Papaya and Bordeaux

Gorgeous, aren’t they? 🙂

PurBeauty is located at 2nd floor of Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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More on Cirque du Soleil Makeup

After watching Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai here in Manila, I am simply awed and inspired by this group. For me, they are a perfect example of excellence. Everything they do, from the dances and acrobatics to their costumes and makeup, are very well thought of, it’s obvious that they dedicated time and practice to perfect every detail. As a dancer myself, I can just imagine the grueling hours they’ve put in in coming up with such an elaborate show.

I decided to watch another Cirque production, Zaia, when I went to Macau last August. Hay, if only I had the talent to join Cirque, I would have done it years ago! My jaw was literally hanging the whole time I was watching. Everything looked surreal, I am running out of superlatives to describe them.

Me looking giddy at the entrance.

As a certified fangirl, I wanted to bring home a piece of Cirque with me. So in the tourist trap known as the souvenir shop, I bought their coffee table book celebrating their 25th year which focused on the evolution of their costumes.

It explained the design process– from conceptualization to sourcing of materials to the actual production. I also bought this book for the makeup. Of course, the costume wouldn’t be complete without the makeup, which they did superbly. Circus makeup is theatric, so they really played up the highlights and shadows. They also utilized mostly primary colors, but even with this basic color palette, the looks are anything but boring. Check out some of my fave looks:

Fiery Firebird!

Well executed aging makeup right there

This looks very avant garde to me

Where to watch Cirque du Soleil next? New York? Orlando? Las Vegas? Canada? Japan? I think I’ll make it a personal project to watch all Cirque productions all over the world from now on. Hmmm that’s quite a pricey proposition, now on to rob a bank…

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Quality Makeup Brushes Below P200 At Landmark

I always hear girls complain to me that makeup brushes are so darn expensive. Yes, it’s true that you really have to invest  in quality makeup brushes so you could apply makeup well, but quality doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for affordable products, to prove to these girls that makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Last week, I was at Landmark’s cosmetics section and found out it was their Cosmetics Fair for the whole month of October. I was surprised to see makeup brushes prominently displayed at the center aisle so of course I got curious.

I wasn’t really planning to buy, but when I saw that they’re all made of natural hair and are ridiculously cheap, I can’t resist on buying some! Here’s what I bought:

Unbranded large powder brush, P154.75

Unbranded blush brushes, P119.75 each

Meiligirl angled blush brush, P129.75

Gita eyeshadow smudger brush, P84.75

Total cost for the 5 brushes: P608.75 less 10% (discounted because of the fair) = P548.00

I walked around some more and found this set of synthetic brushes for nail art for P199.95.

No, I’m not planning to bring out my inner manikurista, but I realized their potential as makeup brushes.

From left to right, they could be used as:

1. Mascara brush

2. Eyeliner brush

3. Angled liner or brow brush

4. Mini concealer brush or eyeliner brush

5. No idea yet, but I’ll probably just use it for what it’s made for– nails! To clean edges of nail polish I guess?

I got 9 new makeup brushes for P750.00! I hope these brushes would still be available at Landmark even after the cosmetics fair. So for those on a budget, check out Landmark, you’ll be surprised what you can buy for less than P1000.

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LANEIGE Makeup Workshop Series

I first heard of Laneige back in 2008 through a Hongkonger (Hongkongese? Hongers? Honkies? What do you call people who live in Hongkong anyway?) classmate in Makeup Designory New York. My classmates and I all envied her skin because it’s unbelievably smooth and poreless. When I asked her what brand of skin care she uses, she said Laneige. I made a mental note to try it out, but since it’s not available in the Philippines back then, I completely forgot all about it. So when I saw this Korean brand open in Trinoma late 2009, it brought back memories of my classmate and her to die for skin. She even resembles their endorser, Song Hye Kyo!

Don’t you just want to have glowing skin like this?

Fast forward to 2011, I got an invite last month to attend Laneige’s Makeup Workshop Series for makeup artists. As with most skin care brands, they also have their own makeup line. International makeup artist Mr. Min Hyuk Park introduced to us Laneige’s New Holiday Collection and gave us tips on how to do makeup the Korean way.

So what exactly is the Korean way? One word: NATURAL. Here are some tips by Mr. Park:

1. Prep the skin very well. Koreans are known for their obsession with skin care, and Mr. Park’s demo reflected this. I think half of the time of the demo was dedicated to the pre-makeup routine. He took time to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the model’s face, using gentle massaging actions to make sure the products really seep into the skin.

Mr. Min Hyuk Park prepping the model

He also put White Pluse Renew Eye Mate under the eyes. This particular product caught my eye because it comes with a convenient applicator. When I tested it, I found out it also has a hint of shimmer so it reduces the look of fine lines.

2. Keep the brows natural. As you can see in the first two photos above, the eyebrows are neither too thin or thick. It doesn’t look drawn on too.

3. Put eyeliner UNDER the lashline instead of above it. You can use this technique if you just want to subtly define the eyes without seeing an actual line. Be careful when doing this though as you might poke your eye with the liner.

4. Put mascara only on the base of the lashes, leaving the tips untouched to avoid a clumpy look.

5. No need to put lip liner, just concentrate color in the middle area of the lips and feather it out towards the lip line.

Even if Mr. Park did a smokey eye, the end result still looks soft and fresh. Koreans still highlight the skin even when it comes to makeup, which I think is really the way to go.

I went to the workshop without expecting anything in return, so I was surprised when they told me they were giving each of the attendees P5,000 worth of gift certificates. Woohoo! I chose the following products to take home:

1. Pore Trouble Skin Refiner, P1,300. Refiner is their term for toner. I’m almost out of toner, so I was happy I could get one for free.

2. Snow BB Essence Balm, P1,800. Believe it or not, what with all the BB cream craze, I’ve never tried anything BB on myself! Mr. Park used this product during the demo and I like the finish and coverage. It only comes in two shades, and because of my tan from my beach trips this year, the darker one is still too light for me. I can’t wait to be fair again so I can finally use this!

3. Snow Crystal Sliding Pact EX, P1,950. To set my BB Balm, I chose this pressed powder. Instead of opening the compact, you slide the cover. Nice!

If you’re wondering why the names all start with “snow”, laneige is French for snow. Apparently, Laneige is the only beauty brand to use glacial snow water from the Himalayas. That explains the steep price, effort naman palang kunin yung tubig!

I was very tempted to buy other products for use on clients such as their gorgeous lipsticks and glosses, but I kept on reminding myself I still have a lot of makeup in stock. So for that night, my stash was all for me. Gotta pamper the artist also! 🙂

More photos from the workshop:

Laneige store in 3F Shangri-La Mall

Skin care line

With co makeup artists Cherry Pacheco and Dens Congco. It’s nice to see familiar faces!

Mr. Park, Cherry, me, Dens, Lourd Ramos, and Toto Bagamasbad

With Laneige Philippines owner Ms. Winnie Co. Btw, Dens and I are both wearing Mary Kay lipsticks, mine is Red Salsa and hers is Rouge.

Thank you, Laneige! I learned a lot that night. Laneige is available in Trinoma, Shangri-la, and SM Mall of Asia.

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Urban Decay NAKED Palette

Again, something I discovered from one of my personal makeup students in Makeup Designory Manila. This palette caught my eye because of its elegant packaging, it’s actually so un-Urban Decay-like.

Since it’s called Naked, the palette mostly contains neutral/earth shades that could definitely be worn everyday when you want a natural look, and a few dark contour shades for more dramatic looks. There’s a good mixture of matte, satin, and shimmery shades here that you could easily mix and match. I’m happy there’s not so much uber glittery/frosty shades, as I’m not a fan of those when doing the natural look (blending them just makes one glittery blob). This palette is definitely something I would buy for myself, and put in my professional kit even. The 12 shades comes with 2 eyeliners, 1 brush and a sample size of their eyeshadow primer, so this is a steal at $44.

US based relatives, you know what pasalubong I want when you go back here! 🙂

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Cirque du Soleil Makeup for Varekai

I recently saw Cirque du Soleil perform Varekai in Manila last week with my family (thank you Mom and Dad for the free tickets!), and the show was simply breathtaking. Literally. You would hold your breath as the performers do their death-defying and back-breaking acrobatics, and the audience would collectively heave a sigh of relief and clap and whoop as they land safely on the ground. Another breathtaking thing to note though is their makeup, which is as theatric as their outlandish costumes.

I know they do their own makeup and that’s part of their training, but of course there must be a makeup designer  to do a template of the looks that the performers must follow. I stumbled upon the following photos online, see the amazing transformation:


such bright colors!

Makeup designer Nathalie Gagne does her thing. How I wish I were at her place!

finishing touches

ta-da! with the costume

before and after

finished look

Here are more amazing looks:

When will I ever have the chance to do this kind of makeup? Best thing I could do is be a Cirque acrobat this coming Halloween and do this to myself. Haha.

I want to watch Cirque again, so my friend Ajjie and I will watch the Zaia production 2 weeks from in Macau. Yahoo! 🙂

My sister and I outside the Grand Chapiteau

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MAC Violetta

One of the advantages of teaching Personal Makeup classes in Makeup Designory Manila is that I get to discover new makeup trends/brands through my students. During my class 2 weeks ago, one of my students, Analyn, whipped out MAC Violetta lipstick, a red-based purple shade that looks intimidating and unwearable at first glance.


It’s a Pro shade, meaning it’s not readily available in your usual MAC counters in Rustans or Trinoma, but just online and in selected stores abroad. Analyn was gushing about it, but I was still quite hesitant to believe her because even I would think twice about pulling off purple lipstick– the color looks a bit vampy to me. But as she swiped it on, I instantly loved it!

Looks totally wearable to me! Analyn rocked this shade. It definitely is a statement lipstick that I would wear if I want something with WOW factor. And also during my tamad days when I’m just too lazy to put on full makeup, I could have nothing but this on my face and I’ll instantly look glammed up. 🙂

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