12.27.09. At first, I was really hesitant to book this wedding because it’s sooo far. We will be going all the way to Tayabas, Quezon, just to do Nancy’s hair and makeup for her civil wedding. That’s about a 4-5 hour drive, one way! Even though I bring a driver with me for out of town gigs (thanks Kuya Sonny!), and of course there’s the additional out of town fee, I was still thinking if the effort is worth it. Apparently, it was =) Seeing Nancy happy with our work made the whole trip worthwhile, pero naloka talaga ako with our sched:

8am-12nn: Drive to Tayabas

12nn-1:30pm: Eat lunch

1:30-2:00: Grooming for King (the groom)

2:00-4:00: Hair and Makeup for Nancy

4:00: Drive back to Manila

We just spent a total of 2 1/2 hours working and 10 hours on the road!

Anyway, enough about that and on to Nancy. Even though she’s based in Manila, we weren’t able to have a trial makeup because of her busy sched. For the truly OC brides, they will have countless of trial makeup sessions just to make sure they get the look that they want on their wedding day. For those who are laid back type, or just completely clueless about makeup, they will leave it all up to me, ok lang kahit walang trial. “Basta pagandahin mo ako!” is their usual line =) Nancy, of course, is the latter. Here’s her before pic:

and after:

I observed that her eyebrows were overpowering her face, so I trimmed and shaped them but made sure they were still full so as not to alter her look completely. For the eyes, I used a pink, plum, and brown palette which flatters medium-toned skin.

For the hair, Dimple gave her a half updo with soft curls that frame her face to soften her square jawline.

Here are more photos from the official photographer, unfortunately I was unable to get his name:

Worth mentioning too is the place where the civil wedding was held. Who knew there’s such a place like Graceland Estate in Tayabas? For those looking for an out of town location for their wedding, you might wanna consider this!


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