01.10.10 I’ve lost count on how many wedding makeup inquiries I got for this date. But Joni booked me as early as May 2009, so I was all hers for this date. She told me that according to feng shui, this is a very lucky day to get married. If this is already lucky, then how much luckier 10.10.10 (October 10, 2010) could get??

As with most of my chinita clients, they always request that I make their chinky eyes look bigger. My formula: Smoky eyeshadow + false eyelashes = bigger eyes! A few days before her wedding day, I got this new shade of eyeshadow from Makeup Designory called Brownstone, a shimmery dark brown shade, and that’s what I used on her. Here’s her “before” pic:

and after:

hair by Dimple:

here are more shots from Niceprint Photography:

Love that last pic =) 3 weeks after the wedding, I was surprised to receive an angpao from her delivered to my house. So sweet of her na may pahabol pang tip!


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  2. Gwen | Kris Bacani Makeup Artistry

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