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I love weddings that are near my house. It’s such a relief that I don’t have to drive to Makati or Manila,  Sheryl’s prep place is just in Grand Terrace, which is 5 minutes away from my house! Here’s her before photo (I don’t know why it’s so blurry, I probably had the wrong setting when I took this, so apologies for the poor quality):

and after:

Thanks to airbrush makeup, dark undereyes and pimples/blemishes are completely covered! Skin becomes flawless =)

Here are more photos from NicePrint Photography:

Thanks Mika Nebrija for recommending me to them =)

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Philippine Online Chronicles Feature

A few weeks after my DollFace Cosmetics feature, Tanya Baldovino of Philippine Online Chronicles emailed me to ask if she could feature me in the beauty and fashion section of their site. How can I say no to free advertising? You could read my write up here =)


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Feature in DollFace Cosmetics Website

DollFace Cosmetics has been popular among makeup artists and beauty junkies for their affordable palettes. Imagine, 88 eyeshadow colors for as low as P800! They also offer other products such as brushes, gel liners, and pro equipment. I am currently lusting for this zebra print lipstick palette:

They also regularly feature makeup artists in their website, and Pearl, the owner, asked me if she could feature me and my works there. I readily agreed of course! You could check out the whole feature here. Thanks so much Pearl! =)


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Loida is actually already married with 3 kids. After 15 years, she and her husband finally decided to have a church wedding because they only had a civil one before. Loida didn’t book me though, it was her ninang and our very close family friend Tita Tess who booked me for her; my makeup would be her wedding gift.

Loida requested for a really natural look since she’s not used to wearing makeup. Her 12-year old daughter Kate, however, is the complete opposite. She had on her iPod countless photos of hair and makeup looks that we could do on her. She even had tons of fashion and avant garde looks in store! She told me that she wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up. I love her already!

I forgot to bring my camera to this wedding, so sadly I don’t have before-and-after-photos. Here are some of the photos though from Smartshot Photography:

with Tita Tess, of course I also did her makeup =)

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Gwen is a close friend of Joni, who’s also one of my bridal clients. They actually had their trial makeup together last year, and I’m happy they both booked me for their respective weddings. In fact, she also wanted the same look as Joni’s, smoky eyes done in earth shades to make her chinita eyes look bigger. Here’s her before photo:

and after:

more photos from Ojay Reantaso, the official photographer:

Gwen also asked me to do the hair and makeup of the whole entourage. Of course I can’t do it alone, so I asked makeup artist Gold Magtoto to help me out. She did such an awesome job, thanks so much Gold! Btw, she also sells makeup chairs and makeup kits at very affordable prices, get in touch with her (09189414529) if you need one.

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