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I have been holding off on writing this good news for quite some time now, and it’s such a relief that I could finally share it! Makeup Designory (MUD), my prestigious makeup school in New York and the biggest makeup school in the US, is finally here in Manila! Yep, that’s right, no need to go to New York or LA or some other foreign city to get the best makeup education, because starting January 17, 2011, Makeup Designory will officially operate in Serendra, The Fort, Taguig.

And what’s even better, after interviews with the US Makeup Designory team and intensive training conducted by their Director of Education, I was chosen as one of the instructors for the Manila branch! Even though I know that I will eventually teach makeup, I never expected that such an opportunity would come to me this early. I’m really, really very fortunate to be given this chance to share my talent and knowledge in makeup artistry, and not just in any makeup school, but in definitely the BEST one to arrive in the Philippines.

So why choose Makeup Designory over other makeup schools? Here are some reasons:

1. It’s the only makeup school here in the Philippines that’s internationally accredited. If you take the 140-hour beauty makeup class and plan on working as a makeup artist abroad, your diploma will definitely be accredited.

2. Makeup education is supported by topnotch makeup products. MUD has their own line of high quality makeup which will be used during class. 3/4 of my makeup kit consists of MUD Cosmetics, and it’s what I religiously use in my projects. The whole line is also available in Serendra.

3. Is your dream career being a makeup artist? Or you simply want to learn how to do the much coveted smokey eyes on yourself? MUD will have 1-2 day makeup workshops and full diploma courses that will definitely fit your need.

4. You will have a kick ass teacher! Need I say more? =) Kidding aside, I, together with co-makeup teacher Georginna Desuasido, will definitely help you in achieving your goals. Personally, I plan to teach everything, and I mean really everything, that I have learned in New York. As I’ve said, no need to go abroad, because superb makeup education is now within your reach.

Please call 846 90 16 or 659 19 52 and look for Ann for more details on the class offerings and prices. You could also check out the  Makeup Designory Manila Facebook Page and PM if you have any questions.

I’m so excited to teach! Hope you could spread this good news to your friends and relatives who want to learn how to put on makeup the right way from an internationally acclaimed makeup school.

Happy Holidays! =)

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I was continually nagging Ayi to upload her wedding photos in Facebook, and finally, exactly a year after their wedding, she did yesterday!

Ayi wasn’t really the one who booked me to do her wedding makeup, but our common friend Deo. I was his wedding gift to her. Sana ganito ka-generous lahat ng friends noh? =)

Here’s her before photo:

and after:

Airbrush Makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Photos by Obscura Manila

And of course special thanks to Deo!

Esmyuskee, bakla po kayo? Hahaha love you Deo =)

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8 Dream Careers for You: Make Them Come True! (Sarah Magazine)

This editorial is a double feature for me– I was quoted on how I started as a makeup artist, and incidentally I also did the makeup on the models in this article. I’m really flattered that my job is considered a dream career, it really is a dream come true for me! Ever since I started doing makeup full time last year, I’ve always looked forward to every single day of work. I am forever thankful for all the bookings and projects being given to me, and I love the fact that I am surrounded with creative and energetic people who are as passionate as me with their respective careers.


“Do not waste the vast majority of your life doing something you hate so that you can spend the small remainder sliver of your life in modest comfort. You may never reach that end anyway.

Resist the temptation to get a job. Instead, play. Find something you enjoy doing. Do it. Over and over again. You will become good at it for two reasons: you like it, and you do it often. Soon, that will have value in itself.”

— Adrian Tan, in his speech to a graduating class in a Singapore university two years ago


Makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Edwin Sayson

Styling by Rachelle Que

Photos by Cyrus Panganiban

Just in case you’re having a hard time reading the text, here’s what’s written under MAKEUP ARTIST:

The Works:

This dream job involves being familiar with makeup tools and knowing how to use them to enhance the physical features of your clients. Your services will be needed for special events like birthdays and weddings, and a plethora of commercial gigs: magazine and print ad shoots, TV commercials, and even movies.

Getting There:

Getting familiar with face shapes, colors, and blending– and a lot of experimentation and practice will turn you into a pro. “When I was just starting out, I practiced on a lot of faces until I became very confident that I could enhance the face of anyone who sits in front of me,” shares professional makeup artist Kris Bacani.

Like Kris, you could start by collaborating with your friends who are trying their hand at photography and modeling. “I did makeup for free on the models in exchange for the photos. It was a good way for me to expand my network and build my portfolio,” she adds.

Aside from these, it’s also crucial to save up money to build up your own makeup kit. Makeup itself can be a bit pricey, even more so quality equipment that will assist you in getting the job done right.

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Kris Bacani for GoNegosyo’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit

It was quite an honor to be featured as one of the women entrepreneurs in GoNegosyo’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit held last February 2010 in World Trade Center. Too bad I wasn’t able to go there myself to see this video being played in big white screens, so good thing I got a copy of the video.

Going into the makeup business is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Technically, I am merely a glorified employee and not yet a business owner because I don’t have people working for me; if I don’t work or move, I will still not earn! But being self-employed definitely inspired me to put up my own business in the near future. I still don’t know what it is, whether it would be makeup related or not, I just know that I will still be my own boss and not return to the corporate world.

I saw this video just once because watching myself makes me cringe! I have to post it though, I hope somehow this would inspire other women (and men) to strike out on their own.

Mabuhay ka, Pinay!

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