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Some people ask me if it’s ok to do smokey eyes for wedding makeup. My answer: ABSOLUTELY! This is what Nestlee, my Australia-based bride, wanted. What I just always keep in mind when doing smokey bridal makeup is to still keep the whole look soft, not so much fasyon with heavy black eyeliner and thick false eyelashes. More often than not, I still do it in earth colors, though I utilize darker shades. Then I just add black if necessary, if my bride wants her eyes to be more dramatic.

Nestlee also introduced me and my hairstylist Dimple to GHD hair straightener. She insisted that Dimple use her hair straightener to curl her hair (yes, hair straightener could be used to curl hair, it’s actually easier! Go on Youtube and you’ll find dozens of tutorials on how to do this) because she really thinks its better. And indeed, it is. I think GHD is popular in Australia, months after Nestlee’s wedding, I did makeup on an Australian model and she also brought along her GHD straightener and insisted that the hairstylist use it. It’s quite expensive, but I’m thinking of buying one. Dimple already bought, it’s being sold in Tutuban. I might be motivated to practice hairstyling if I have this! And it doesn’t hurt that it comes in my favorite color:

So cute!

Here’s Nestlee’s “before” photo:

and after:

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Photos by Carlo Cecilio

I love this series of head shots:

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Kristine is my US-based bride. During our trial session, she told me, “Do you want to see my wedding shoes?” She then opened a box with pristine white Christian Louboutin pumps in it. From then on, I knew this is going to be a bonggang wedding. True enough, she had the best of the best– Veluz gown, Judith Lieber clutch, Rita Neri coordination, Jason Magbanua video, the list goes on!

On the wedding day, Kristine and her husband Neal constantly nagged us suppliers if we have eaten already. I really appreciate clients who feed and take care of their suppliers well, after all you definitely do NOT want hungry and cranky people in charge of making your wedding beautiful!

Here’s Kristine’s “before” photo:

and after:

She kinda resembles Ana Roces, don’t you think? (Alabang Girls FTW! :))

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Gown by Veluz Reyes

Coordination by Rita Neri Events

Photos by Vignette Photography

Jason Magbanua and me workin’ it!

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Jaz and I didn’t have a trial makeup session so it was the first time I saw her on her wedding day. Good thing I was able to warm up to her family fast because I instantly recognized they’re Kapampangan, just like my Dad, so there’s immediately a common ground. I can understand the dialect because I grew up around Kapampangan-speaking relatives, but I have a hard time speaking it. I really, really wish I could though!

Jaz is very malagu (that’s pretty/beautiful), although since she’s three months pregnant she had pimples that I had to conceal. Thank god for airbrush makeup and my trusty Makeup Designory Red Corrector, I was able to make her skin look flawless without piling on makeup.

Here’s her “before” photo:

and after:

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Alex Leyson

Gown by Amonn Velasco

Photos by Bobby Delos Santos of Redfox Photography

Additional photos by Vanessa Dapiton

Lovely dress!

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Chris is a good friend of my co-makeup artist Faye Young. She was supposed to do Chris’ wedding makeup but she was already booked by another bride-to-be on the same date, so she recommended me instead. Thanks Ms. Faye for the generosity! 🙂

What I instantly noticed about Chris is her skin, it’s obvious that she’s taking good care of it so I didn’t have to do much prepping before putting on makeup. I can’t stress this enough, but good skincare is really a must if you want good makeup work. Some people expect that makeup could magically make their skin luminous and glowing, but really, you have to develop a skincare routine first and follow it religiously before putting makeup.

So what’s a typical skin care routine? You have to:

1. Cleanse 

2. Tone (preferably water based)

3. Moisturize (even if you have oily skin!)

4. Exfoliate (once or twice a week only)

5. Sunblock (during the day only; at least SPF 20 with UVA and UVB protection)

Of course the products that you’ll use will depend on your skin type, so you have to know your skin type first. For some it will take a while before you find the products that are hiyang for you, so be patient!

Click here to read about my skin care routine that was published in Women’s Health last year.

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Gown by JC Buendia

Photos by Richie Macapinlac

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Maricar is my England-based bride. She got in touch with me just a few days before her wedding, it was a good thing I was still available on that day. She and her husband were already married 10 years ago in England, and they decided it would be nice to have a church wedding too in the Philippines for their renewal of vows.

I wouldn’t forget what happened to her husband’s undershirt– a part of it was accidentally burned while he was ironing it! He said he’s so used to ironing clothes by himself (as with all those who live/work abroad) that he didn’t bother to ask for help. Lesson learned from this wedding: leave the ironing to the housekeeping staff!

Here’s her “before” photo:

and after:

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Photos by Nice Print Photography

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