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A year into doing makeup full-time, I just noticed that there are more and more people that are getting into makeup artistry. So to set myself apart, I decided to do a bit of branding work for myself. And what brand doesn’t have its own logo? I wanted a logo that would reflect my personality, and would also instantly reflect the service that I’m offering. I actually had a sort of logo 2 years ago, which I just tweaked from my calling card design done by my friend Khai. This is how it looked like:

I really liked it before, but two years after I found it too… cute. If you saw my calling card but didn’t see me, you’d think I was some sort of high school kikay kid who knows how to do cool makeup. Not really the image I’m going after.

So I asked my good friend Jan (check out his works here), a former officemate who does great graphic design, to tweak it for me. I want something that would look professional, modern, but still fun. I also asked him to retain the dots/circles idea to represent colors in a palette. Lastly, I said maybe he could just use at most 2 colors, and the rest would be done in black/grayscale.

These were his first studies:

I liked how the dot of the “i” is in the empty space of “s”. He also got the silhouette of the girl from one of my makeup works.

I’m not feeling this second one too much…

These were all nice, though I was looking for something that’s a bit more horizontal so that I could easily insert the logo in calling cards, presentations, website, etc. So I asked Jan if maybe he could do more studies with a more horizontal orientation. Also, I liked the font of “Kris Bacani” in the third one that he did, so maybe he could develop that.

So here’s the second batch:

I asked a gay friend what he thinks of this 2nd logo. He said, “Teh, ‘pag yan yung ginawa mong logo mo para kang nagbebenta ng tsupon.” Hahaha! I guess he’s right. It’s cute and all, but it certainly looks like a logo for a company selling baby products =p

I like this third one, but my eyes seem to just focus on “Bacani” since it’s has the biggest font and it’s all caps.

Hmmm… I think this last one may be THE ONE. Though I think it’s still a bit too colorful. Perhaps my name should just be in grayscale?

PERFECT! I love it. It didn’t veer away too much from my initial logo, it just became more professional looking. It looks definitely more modern too. I think Jan and I did this for less than a week, I doubt it would be as fast if a complete stranger has done it for me. Thank you so much Jan Sanchez / Sanchez Creatives! I owe you makeup for your future bride (our ex-deal =p).

Up next, Project Level Up Part 2, my website! =)


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