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I got to know Bethany through her husband/financial guru extraordinaire Melvin. I gave makeup and image enhancement seminars to some corporate clients under Melvin’s training company before (special shout out to those I’ve trained in BPI!). Plus, I owe him a lot because he jumpstarted my knowledge in personal finance. Given its importance, I really don’t get why we’re taught lots of useless subjects in high school and college but not how to handle our own money. He gave me a valuable and enlightening crash course 2 years ago on how to invest my hard earned (a.k.a. katas ng makeup) money wisely, so now I can proudly say that not only do I have a makeup portfolio, I have a financial portfolio as well.

So, back to Beth. I did a smokier version of the natural eye makeup I did during her trial and tinghun, and Alex put her hair up in a simple updo, which really suits her as it was able to show off the detail of her gorgeous gown’s neckline. Alex said her eyes resemble Sam Pinto’s, and I agree!

This wedding also turned out to be great because I got to work with photographer John Ong. A few weeks before this we worked together for the first time in a prenup shoot in Bellaroca, and I told him I wonder why I’ve worked with a lot of Imagine Nation photographers in my weddings but never with him. So we were surprised that merely a few weeks after, we’d bump into each other again!

Airbrush makeup by Kris Bacani, wedding makeup artist

Hair by Alex Leyson

Gown by Cecilio Abad

Photos by John Ong of Imagine Nation Photography

Congrats Beth and Melvin!

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