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Quality Makeup Brushes Below P200 At Landmark

I always hear girls complain to me that makeup brushes are so darn expensive. Yes, it’s true that you really have to invest ┬áin quality makeup brushes so you could apply makeup well, but quality doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for affordable products, to prove to these girls that makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Last week, I was at Landmark’s cosmetics section and found out it was their Cosmetics Fair for the whole month of October. I was surprised to see makeup brushes prominently displayed at the center aisle so of course I got curious.

I wasn’t really planning to buy, but when I saw that they’re all made of natural hair and are ridiculously cheap, I can’t resist on buying some! Here’s what I bought:

Unbranded large powder brush, P154.75

Unbranded blush brushes, P119.75 each

Meiligirl angled blush brush, P129.75

Gita eyeshadow smudger brush, P84.75

Total cost for the 5 brushes: P608.75 less 10% (discounted because of the fair) = P548.00

I walked around some more and found this set of synthetic brushes for nail art for P199.95.

No, I’m not planning to bring out my inner manikurista, but I realized their potential as makeup brushes.

From left to right, they could be used as:

1. Mascara brush

2. Eyeliner brush

3. Angled liner or brow brush

4. Mini concealer brush or eyeliner brush

5. No idea yet, but I’ll probably just use it for what it’s made for– nails! To clean edges of nail polish I guess?

I got 9 new makeup brushes for P750.00! I hope these brushes would still be available at Landmark even after the cosmetics fair. So for those on a budget, check out Landmark, you’ll be surprised what you can buy for less than P1000.

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