LANEIGE Makeup Workshop Series

I first heard of Laneige back in 2008 through a Hongkonger (Hongkongese? Hongers? Honkies? What do you call people who live in Hongkong anyway?) classmate in Makeup Designory New York. My classmates and I all envied her skin because it’s unbelievably smooth and poreless. When I asked her what brand of skin care she uses, she said Laneige. I made a mental note to try it out, but since it’s not available in the Philippines back then, I completely forgot all about it. So when I saw this Korean brand open in Trinoma late 2009, it brought back memories of my classmate and her to die for skin. She even resembles their endorser, Song Hye Kyo!

Don’t you just want to have glowing skin like this?

Fast forward to 2011, I got an invite last month to attend Laneige’s Makeup Workshop Series for makeup artists. As with most skin care brands, they also have their own makeup line. International makeup artist Mr. Min Hyuk Park introduced to us Laneige’s New Holiday Collection and gave us tips on how to do makeup the Korean way.

So what exactly is the Korean way? One word: NATURAL. Here are some tips by Mr. Park:

1. Prep the skin very well. Koreans are known for their obsession with skin care, and Mr. Park’s demo reflected this. I think half of the time of the demo was dedicated to the pre-makeup routine. He took time to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the model’s face, using gentle massaging actions to make sure the products really seep into the skin.

Mr. Min Hyuk Park prepping the model

He also put White Pluse Renew Eye Mate under the eyes. This particular product caught my eye because it comes with a convenient applicator. When I tested it, I found out it also has a hint of shimmer so it reduces the look of fine lines.

2. Keep the brows natural. As you can see in the first two photos above, the eyebrows are neither too thin or thick. It doesn’t look drawn on too.

3. Put eyeliner UNDER the lashline instead of above it. You can use this technique if you just want to subtly define the eyes without seeing an actual line. Be careful when doing this though as you might poke your eye with the liner.

4. Put mascara only on the base of the lashes, leaving the tips untouched to avoid a clumpy look.

5. No need to put lip liner, just concentrate color in the middle area of the lips and feather it out towards the lip line.

Even if Mr. Park did a smokey eye, the end result still looks soft and fresh. Koreans still highlight the skin even when it comes to makeup, which I think is really the way to go.

I went to the workshop without expecting anything in return, so I was surprised when they told me they were giving each of the attendees P5,000 worth of gift certificates. Woohoo! I chose the following products to take home:

1. Pore Trouble Skin Refiner, P1,300. Refiner is their term for toner. I’m almost out of toner, so I was happy I could get one for free.

2. Snow BB Essence Balm, P1,800. Believe it or not, what with all the BB cream craze, I’ve never tried anything BB on myself! Mr. Park used this product during the demo and I like the finish and coverage. It only comes in two shades, and because of my tan from my beach trips this year, the darker one is still too light for me. I can’t wait to be fair again so I can finally use this!

3. Snow Crystal Sliding Pact EX, P1,950. To set my BB Balm, I chose this pressed powder. Instead of opening the compact, you slide the cover. Nice!

If you’re wondering why the names all start with “snow”, laneige is French for snow. Apparently, Laneige is the only beauty brand to use glacial snow water from the Himalayas. That explains the steep price, effort naman palang kunin yung tubig!

I was very tempted to buy other products for use on clients such as their gorgeous lipsticks and glosses, but I kept on reminding myself I still have a lot of makeup in stock. So for that night, my stash was all for me. Gotta pamper the artist also! 🙂

More photos from the workshop:

Laneige store in 3F Shangri-La Mall

Skin care line

With co makeup artists Cherry Pacheco and Dens Congco. It’s nice to see familiar faces!

Mr. Park, Cherry, me, Dens, Lourd Ramos, and Toto Bagamasbad

With Laneige Philippines owner Ms. Winnie Co. Btw, Dens and I are both wearing Mary Kay lipsticks, mine is Red Salsa and hers is Rouge.

Thank you, Laneige! I learned a lot that night. Laneige is available in Trinoma, Shangri-la, and SM Mall of Asia.

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  1. #1 by Dianne Gerona-San Pedro on August 30, 2012 - 1:33 pm

    Hi Ms Kris. I’m Dianne San Pedro, a working girl and a huge fan of Laneige products. Seeing your blog about this wonderful Korean brand makes me want to attend at least one of their sponsored workshops. Do you have any idea of a possible makeup workshop from Laneige this 2012 or 2013; or if not, can you give me some contact details of where i could scout one. Many thanks and great share! more power to you!

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