I instantly liked Mich the first time I met her. She has this very pleasant and bubbly personality, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s Atenista like me (though a few batches higher) so we had lots of common things to talk about.

We originally agreed on putting false eyelashes, but on the wedding day itself she decided not to put anymore because her priest discouraged it. Yes, the priest! Apparently, the priest had an experience where in the bride’s falsies, which probably wasn’t glued properly or was too long, got stuck on the veil. The bride then had to remove the falsies from the veil in the middle of the ceremony. Yikes! Although I always encourage my brides to wear falsies since it really makes a dramatic difference, I decided not to force Mich into it so as not to make her worry. Anyway, she still is pretty even without falsies đŸ™‚

One more thing, I wouldn’t forget this wedding because I accidentally left my whole brush set in Christ the King Church, and I just found out I left it after 3 hours, right before I was to retouch Mich’s makeup in Glass Garden. I think my heart literally stopped beating for 3 seconds when I realized it! What’s a makeup artist without her brush set? It’s like a soldier going to war without guns. And I’ve about 50 pieces of brushes in my set, so losing them would really be heartbreaking (and wallet-breaking!). Good thing I had a few extra brushes with me so I could retouch Mich, then I immediately went back to Christ the King. It was a blessing that the janitor kept it when he noticed that it’s been lying on a bench for a few hours and no one’s minding it.  Manong janitor, I owe you!

Airbrush Makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Photos by Toto Villaruel of Imagine Nation


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