Camille is my Singapore-based bride. I first met up with her, together with her husband Alex, when she booked me, then the 2nd time for trial makeup at her home in Las Pinas. By the 3rd time, which was on her wedding day, I was already quite comfortable with her. We have been emailing back and forth too regarding the details of her and her entourage’s hair and makeup so by the wedding day, everything was set. We were all just relaxed and having a good time during preps. The only thing that kept this from being perfect was the horrendous EDSA and SLEX traffic (doesn’t Manila traffic always always get in the way?). Almost all the suppliers were late because of this, but we all managed to keep up and do our job on time.

Before I post Camille’s before-and-after photos, I just remembered what she told me before I took pictures of her. She said “Dream ko talaga malagay before-and-after photos sa blog mo!” Haha! Every time I have wedding posts in this blog, it always gets the most number of hits, and I think it’s because of this. So here it goes!


Camille has one of the neatest sets of eyebrows I’ve seen, so I don’t have to do much about them. She just requested for natural makeup, which was different from the more dramatic look we did during her trial


Here are more photos from Paolo Feliciano:

Easily my favorite pic. This is simply gorgeous! I could have this printed and include it in my portfolio but Camille’s hair is not yet done. How I wish there’s another pic like exactly like this but with her hair upstyled already!

Congrats Alex and Camille!

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  1. #1 by Camille on November 5, 2010 - 5:03 am

    Thank you Kris 🙂

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