Wedding Portfolio 2010

Even though I already have lots of photos from my real brides, I still find time to organize my own photoshoots for my wedding portfolio. It’s a great way for me to try out new makeup looks and hairstyles that brides-to-be could refer to for inspiration if they’re not sure what look to go for for their wedding day.

It’s also probably the only time that I have full control of a shoot, normally someone dictates to me the look and I just always follow. With my shoots, I can choose the photographer, the models, the clothes, everything! It’s pretty exhausting but at the end of the day it’s all worth it once I see the final output.

For this year, I did two shoots. I’m extremely lucky to have very talented and generous friends who are willing to help me out!

For the first one, I asked one of my favorite photographers, Stan, to shoot it. I don’t know how he does it, but my models always look glowing in the photos, even though he does very minimal post processing. I also like the fact that he doesn’t retouch the makeup at all, so what you see in the photos are really all my makeup work, no “magic” done through Photoshop.

Also, Camille, a good friend of mine and classmate in Ateneo and who’s family owns The Glass Garden, was generous enough to let us shoot there. The garden setting provided a really beautiful backdrop for the photos. Camille is also a very talented bridal gown designer, so she also let me borrow some of her gowns. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone! =)

Airbrush Makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Dimple Callada

Gowns by Camille Garcia Bridal Couture

Models: Ann Hua of CLay Management, Barbie Salvador, and Jho Flor

Photos by Stan Ong

Shot on location at The Glass Garden

For Jho’s look, I did what my chinita clients always request– “make my eyes look bigger!” So I did this by putting natural looking false eyelashes and made soft smokey eyes with pale pink and medium brown eyeshadow shades. I wanted to make her look like a blushing bride so I airbrushed pink blush with a hint of shimmer on the apples of her cheeks. And finally, for the lips, I used this pink shade that instantly brightened up her face. The brushed up hairstyle is perfect for those with small faces like Jho’s. Doesn’t she look so sweet? =)

Barbie has this amazing morena skin color that instantly reminds me of summers and beach weddings, so I wanted her to look like a sun-kissed bride. I used dark gold, copper, and shimmery dark brown shades for her eyes. I complemented the eyes with bronze cheek color that has tiny flecks of gold that mimicked a sun-kissed glow without looking oily. I kept the lips natural looking with caramel colored lipstick topped with lip gloss.

This year, I’ve been getting more and more clients who want to have their hair down on their wedding day, as opposed to the more traditional updo. It definitely looks more relaxed and laidback. I call this the Juday hairstyle. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know how Juday looked like on her wedding day, Google it to see how she looked like. =p

I wanted to do a vintage look for this shoot and when I saw Ann’s face, I knew she could definitely pull off that look. Vintage has definitely caught on this year, I’ve been seeing more and more brides going for the 50s look with pincurls, fascinators (those little hat things with net that semi-covers the face) on their heads, defined eyebrows, and the trademark red lips.

I wanted to do a modern take on this, so I asked Dimple to do a hairstyle that resembles the waves of the pincurls without actually doing pincurls. I kept the eyes matte with bone and taupe shades. Next I put winged black eyeliner on her top lashes, but I didn’t use intense liquid eyeliner because I still wanted to keep the whole look soft. I put the palest pink blush, barely noticeable because I want the focus on the eyes and lips. And last but not the least, the look wouldn’t be complete without red lipstick.

Up next, I’ll be posting my second bridal portfolio shoot with more dramatic looks! =)


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