Rainbow Transmission

I collaborated with Edric again for another shoot, and this time I was able to stay to change looks. I’m so happy with the beauty shots he took, you could really see the detail of the makeup. I’ll take this opportunity to tell you how I did the makeup and what products I used to achieve those looks (since you could now buy it from me! =))

Hair and Makeup by Kris Bacani

Styling: Nina Gatan

Model: Raleene Cabrera

Photos by Edric Chen

How I did the eye makeup in above photo using Makeup Designory products:

1. I used Black eyeliner as eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows. I wanted to make them bold so I exaggerated the shape a bit.

2. For eyeshadow, I used Sunset and mixed it with a bit of Sunflower for the base, and contoured the eyes slightly with Firebrick. Now I have this golden-orangey color =)

3. I lined the eyes with Black Cake Eyeliner, and extended the wing way up almost to her eyebrows.

4. Last but not the least, I added false eyelashes to enhance the eyes more.

For the second layout, I wanted to retain the bold eyebrows and the winged eyeliner, so instead of removing makeup (with the exception of the orange eyeshadow), I just added more makeup to change the look. Here’s how I tweaked it:

1. Using an angled liner brush, I dipped it in the eyeshadow color Ice and made a thin line under the eyes and winged it up also.

2. I made a really thin black line underneath the white line using the Black Cake Eyeliner again. What I like about the Cake Eyeliner is that you could really control the thickness or thinness of the lines (with the help of a liner brush), as you could very well see in the photo above.

3. For the lips, I used lipstick in Ladybug shade. Your lips couldn’t get any redder than this!

That last photo is my fave =)

If you are interested in buying any of the products I featured or knowing their prices, get in touch with me 0917 629 3303 / 577 02 55 / makeupbykrisbacani@yahoo.com. I could also do meet ups so you could test the products. Check out www.mudshop.com for more awesome makeup products! All stocks on hand =)


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