Loida is actually already married with 3 kids. After 15 years, she and her husband finally decided to have a church wedding because they only had a civil one before. Loida didn’t book me though, it was her ninang and our very close family friend Tita Tess who booked me for her; my makeup would be her wedding gift.

Loida requested for a really natural look since she’s not used to wearing makeup. Her 12-year old daughter Kate, however, is the complete opposite. She had on her iPod countless photos of hair and makeup looks that we could do on her. She even had tons of fashion and avant garde looks in store! She told me that she wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up. I love her already!

I forgot to bring my camera to this wedding, so sadly I don’t have before-and-after-photos. Here are some of the photos though from Smartshot Photography:

with Tita Tess, of course I also did her makeup =)


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