Fab makeup finds P500 and below!

I regularly conduct basic makeup tutorial for branch employees of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). At the end of the tutorial they always ask me what makeup products I could recommend to them that aren’t too expensive. Of course I know some, but now I want to make a comprehensive list for them so they have somewhat a guide as to what they should buy, everything P500 and below.

Who would know better about these than than my co-makeup artists? Of course we all invest in our products since we live and breath makeup, but we all have these wonderfully cheap products too that do the job, sometimes even better than their more expensive counterparts. So I made an email thread in Facebook a few weeks ago and asked them, WHAT ARE THE PRODUCTS YOU’VE TRIED THAT’S GOOD FOR EVERYDAY USE THAT’S JUST P500 AND BELOW?

And here’s what I got from them. Read on and get ready to storm the department stores after! =)

“Try NICHIDO LOOSE POWDER, P150. It works for everyday flawless look, for touch ups too..” — Faye Young

“ELIANTO EYESHADOW, P149, also ELIANTO LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH, P239. I have one and its nice also, hair doesnt fall off.. :D” — Wheng Legaspi

“So many nice, inexpensive products out there, so I’ll just shortlist my suggestions based on audience’s usual need, brand familiarity, accessibility, convenience and usage behavior/know-how:

– Light, not cakey on the skin. So many shades to choose from that are suitable for Asian skin tone.

– It’s hard to suggest a really really good lipstick that’s inexpensive pa, but the lipstick is the top-selling form of makeup, so you gotta have at least one brand on your seminar. I chose this one because I use it myself because it’s comfortable to wear on the lips, and more importantly because I have allergic reactions to a lot of lipsticks and so far, this is the only inexpensive brand that I don’t react to. I just use Maybelline lipliner before and after applying this lipstick to make sure it stays long. Or I just keep reapplying.

3) FANNY SERRANO EYELASH CURLERS, P125 (small) and P175 (big)
– I think this earned an award from Cosmo Phil. Might be of interest to girls who are just starting out to use this tool because it’s small lang.

– The applicator is comb-type, so it’s easier to use.

– I use this on me on regular days. Downside: it doesn’t come with a brush. But the brown shade is just right, not harsh.

– Very convenient and inexpensive. The line even comes with a bronzer and a loose powder, both with built in brush.”

Gold Magtoto

SUESH BRUSHES (P900, set of 5) are very soft and they don’t shed. Cheaper than most.

DOLLFACE COSMETICS have these huge eyeshadow palettes from matte, silk,   shimmery and glittery ones (around P800 each). They break easily lang but if they won’t travel a lot with it they can have a lot of choices for color. They also have a highlight and contour palette that’s P500.

(Ok, so these two aren’t really P500 and below, but I guarantee you they’re worth it! )

EVER BILENA LIP COLORS, P120, and blushers are really ok or Fanny Serrano’s.”

— Jasmine Mendiola

“I like E.L.F ALL OVER COLOR STICK and E.L.F EYESHADOW BRUSH (the oval shaped one), both for P129.75” — Ria Redor

“Can I promote SANSAN COSMETICS? 🙂
They have a large range of seasonal products that they can use. But I recommend their PRESSED POWDERS, P92, and MASCARA, P95 (best sellers). All the cosmetic ingredients are made in Thailand so they’re good on skin.
They also have AGE DEFENSE LINE if you want Alpha Hydroxy Acids for aging skin.

LIPSTICKS, p78, also the best.” — Gian Ruiz

“I like FANNY SERRANO BLUSH in Georgia Peach, P275.  It has a universal tone :)” — Bambi dela Cruz

“You’ll definitely be surprised with what MAYBELLINE can offer. Most products now are priced below Php500 but still maintaining the quality. Few of my faves are the MINERAL BLUSH,P499, BB CREAM, P249, and the playful colors of the LINERS, P359. Visit the fan page and check on the Beauty Buzz (our quarterly brochure)” — Jim Ros

“My super favorite mascara for personal use is IN2IT MASCARA with the fibers, P299. Lengthens, thickens because it has fibers but is so easy to take off at the end of the day. Doesn’t smear either. This is the only mascara i use on myself that isn’t water proof because i hate taking mascara off at the end of the day.” — Georginna Desuasido

“E.L.F MAKEUPS are pretty cheap too. I really like their BRONZERS, P129.75, Warm Tan & Sun Kissed are my faves. I use it as a blush on sometimes. Also, ETUDE HOUSE makeups are some of my cheap faves now. I really like their BB MAGIC CREAM, DR. OIL SOLUTION SHINE FREE MIST and DEAR DARLING TINT in Berry Red.” — Nanan Villalba

“I’ve also used ELLANA MINERAL MAKEUP. I love the CONCEALERS, P120, and the EYESHADOWS. The best seller for the concealer is Awake. Try it. POWDER FOUNDATIONS are also recommendable and they come in different coverage levels. Eyeshadows are highly pigmented. I love doing “Mermadian” looks using greenish-gold + royal blue + dark blue shadows.

Ellana Mineral Make up is owned by Connie Francis she’s one of the pioneers of mineral make up here in the Philippines that’s why I’m very supportive about it. Go Filipino Entrepreneurs!” — Gian Ruiz

“FASHION 21 STICK FOUNDATION, P165, and LIQUID FOUNDATION. I partner it with FASHION 21 LOOSE POWDER.” — Margarett de Guzman

“My favorite LIP AND CHEEK TINT is IN2IT in Strawberry, P259.75. Very affordable and lasts long. I use it for my lips (just top it on with lipbalm so its moisturized) and for the cheeks, it looks natural and lasts the whole day. I also use it for lip base before the lipstick/gloss and for male’s lip base as well, it looks really natural on them.

Practical powder for daily use is FANNY SERRANO POWDER FOUNDATION, around P400. They have good ones for dark skin tone like me.  Do not to put too much though, a little goes a long way. For personal use just apply where the area needs coverage to avoid cakey effect.  Always apply primer with SPF no matter what so skin is protected from the dust, sunlight, and smoke, and also the makeup/powder you apply will last longer.” —Nina Dumpa


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  1. #1 by Grace Pagdanganan-del Rosario on July 25, 2010 - 4:08 am

    Palladio Loose Rice Powder gives super matte finish and even absorbs oil. Can be worn all day with only 1 or 2 touch ups. Very affordable too for only P325.

    • #2 by pong bautista on November 13, 2010 - 2:33 pm

      i have the palladio loose rice powder and uhmm..didn’t really control or absorb my oil. i’d oil 30 minutes after i put it on. maybe if you have super oily skin like mine, i wouldnt recommend the palladio oil absorbing rice powder, it breaks down immediately. i think the ellana oil absorbing finishing powder does a better job. not the best but better.

  2. #3 by ceej candaba on March 6, 2011 - 11:49 am

    where i can buy palladio products?..thnku

  3. #4 by sheryl vinzon on October 6, 2011 - 8:24 am

    were can i buy ellana?

  4. #5 by MyCherryPurse on August 7, 2012 - 7:36 am

    is this your blog also? http://maria-maria-angela.blogspot.com/ because she also has this exact blog entry. anyway, great finds.sayang wala na yatang elianto dito.

    • #6 by krisbacani on August 7, 2012 - 2:52 pm

      Hi! Thanks for the heads up. It’s not mine. I can’t say it’s exactly the same, she did put other brands as well. Do you think I should write to her?

      • #7 by MyCherryPurse on August 8, 2012 - 12:13 pm

        Oh,that’s right it’s not exactly the same,but there are some contents she copied.actually,I googled some of the phrases/sentences from her other posts.and found out that she copied some texts from makeupalley adn other blogs.LOL,but I was just so curious if she really did copy bits of texts from various pages.I think you should write to her,it seems like she never really had the plan (in the first place) to quote the texts that you said. The first impression it gave me was,it really is her own words.

  5. #8 by Anony on December 13, 2012 - 5:28 pm

    Yes, that woman should stop plagiarizing.

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