The Perfect Pair (Asian Dragon Weddings Magazine)

I love Asian Dragon magazine (a bi-monthly magazine that caters to the Filipino-Chinese community) for trusting me with their beauty editorials. When they said they will be coming up with their first ever wedding magazine and they asked me to do a bridal beauty ed for that, I was very excited! I thought I’ll be doing different versions of the natural, no-makeup look that’s usually requested for weddings, but I was wrong. Asian Dragon wanted to put an end to that. They requested for dramatic looks because, according to them, “why would you want a washed out and sparingly powdered face on your wedding day?”

Though I disagree with that statement (most makeup artists would tell you that natural look is anything but washed out, it’s actually harder to pull off because you’re still actually putting a lot of product on the face but making it seem like you’re not), I was still up to the challenge of doing dramatic looks that are still wearable for weddings. Come to think of it, there really are some people who don’t like the natural look for their big day, I’ve had some bridal clients who request for smoky eyes or dark shades of lip color, and it worked out completely fine. In the end, bridal makeup doesn’t equate to natural makeup, it’s whatever makeup or look the bride wants =)

Before I post the photos, here are some tips for the bride if they want to veer away from the no-makeup look:

1. If you decide to go for smoky eyes, stick to the blacks, browns, and plums. It’s not the time to go crazy with metallic green or blue eyeshadow.

2. Consider wearing false eyelashes. It will definitely add drama to your eyes.

3. Having a vintage/old Hollywood theme is a trend right now. Red lips with winged eyeliner will definitely suit this theme.

4. Though you’re wearing darker shades, ask your makeup artist to still keep the whole look soft and romantic.

Makeup by Kris Bacani

Hair by Jerry Javier of L’Oreal Professionel

Model: Vanessa Matsunaga of Mercator

Jewelry: Jewelmer, Diamante, Indulgems

Photos by Marcel Lainez

(apologies for the poor resolution, these are just scanned from the magazine)


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