Bing was my boss when I was still working in Lamoiyan Corporation (makers of Hapee Toothpaste). She was crazy enough to get me as one of her bridesmaids, and even crazier to book me as her makeup artist for her wedding day, knowing fully well that this is the perfect time for me to avenge for all those days of slavery. Haha I’m kidding, of course. Bing was a great boss, so I want to make her as beautiful as possible. And I guess it doesn’t hurt that her makeup is my wedding gift to her. Aaahhh, the perks of having a makeup artist for a friend! =p

It was a pretty busy day because not only do I have to do her makeup (plus the bride’s and groom’s mothers, too), I myself have to look presentable and be in my dress in time for the photo opp with the whole entourage. It was my first time to be in this makeup artist/bridesmaid role, and i must say it was a lot of fun! For a change, I’m surrounded with friends and not by complete strangers. I usually enjoy wedding preps even though I’m doing makeup on people I barely know, so being surrounded by friends was extra fun and extra kulit.=)

Here are some photos from Bing’s brother and from official photographer Bern Mejias (sorry wasn’t able to get decent before-and-after photos, it was the first day I used my new cam and I didn’t know how to work it yet):

can you see Kris the bridesmaid? =)

Congratulations Mrs. Cavestany!


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  1. #1 by Jan Alfred Sanchez on May 4, 2010 - 10:28 am

    cosmetic genius. Don’t forget our x-deal 🙂

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