Ketty was one of those brides who didn’t bother to have trial makeup with me. Sometimes I feel good and not-so-good at the same time when not having a trial — good because that means the client trusts me so much that she books me based only on what she sees in my portfolio, and not-so-good because there’s really no room for error.

Turns out, Ketty was very easy to please. She knew exactly what she wanted, so it was easy to achieve the look she was going for. She wanted something like the bronzed makeup I did on Desiree del Valle a few months ago in a photo shoot with Mitch Bautista:

I can’t do the exact same thing though because I put lots of bronzer and highlighter to make Desiree’s skin glowing. And of course, the lighting in studio photography is very strong so you really need to pile on the makeup. If I do this on Ketty, it would just make the skin look oily in photos. Also, her lips are a golden shade, which will look very weird for bridal. So I tweaked it a bit and here’s the outcome. Before photo:

and after:

More photos from Ketty’s brothers, who are all photography enthusiasts:

FYI, her mom styles her hair that way ALL THE TIME =p

And here are some photos from Flickerhappy, the official photographer:

Btw, Ketty is a swimsuit designer. Her Waicoco brand of swimwear is available at Rustans. She could customize too!


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