Kat’s wedding preps was full of laughter. Literally. I think it took me double the time to do her and her family’s makeup because we kept on laughing the whole time.  And why all the guffaws? As a single wedding makeup artist, sometimes I get proposals from the brides’ mothers to date their respective sons. Kat’s mom and her 3 sisters were so persistent in making reto (so conyo haha) to me their eldest brother the whole time during preps! At least approve na agad ako sa family diba? When I posted this story as my Facebook status message last March, some of my friends said that this is actually a good plot for a movie. The more I think about it, it does sound like a good concept for a romantic comedy!

Kat’s also got this very infectious laugh, the type that when you hear it from her you can’t help but laugh also even though you don’t exactly know what’s so funny. It’s very evident in the photos and in her smile that she’s such a very jolly person, she puts everyone in such a good mood.

Anyhoo, on to Kat’s makeup. Here’s her before photo:

and after:

Nothing beats that hearty smile =)

Here are more photos from the official photographer. I think it’s from Niceprint, I need to double check:

wedding makeup artist philippines see we’re still laughing! =)

Lastly, her gown is by Edgar Allan. He rarely makes bridal gowns now, I think he just does it for friends only. It looks so dainty!


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  1. #1 by Kat lopez on May 5, 2010 - 3:07 pm

    Thanks ms. Kris Bacani 🙂 where did you study here in New York again? I remember you mentioned to me.

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