She married the boy-next-door. Literally. Marrying your childhood sweetheart is probably the stuff of movies for most of us. But for Karen and Miguel, who lived right in front of each other’s houses ever since they were kids, this is exactly what happened.

I always assume that  my bridal clients are older than me, always calling them “Ms. ___” and peppering my sentences with “po” whenever I talk to them. So I was quite surprised when I realized that Karen was younger than me (I was 23 the first time I met her, and she was 22 years old). Baka nabuntis, I thought. I really need to change this mindset because firstly, I’m approaching mid-twenties (eeepp!), and second, there’s really nothing wrong with being married at a young age. She wasn’t pregnant. They’ve been on a long distance relationship for 5 years ever since Karen’s family migrated to Vancouver, BC, and they just can’t bear it anymore. They decided to get married already even if they’re still young so Karen could petition Miguel to work in Vancouver and so they could be together again.

Anyway, on to the makeup part. Karen wanted smoky eyes. It’s a night wedding and her eyes are a bit chinky so this is perfectly fine and her eyes would definitely look bigger with this style. She bought MAC’s Holiday Collection 2009 pigments which comes in 5 pretty shades and wanted me to use it on her and on her relatives as well.

For her, I chose the Grape (deep purple) shade for contour and Kitschmas (light pearly pink) for highlight. The Grape is the one at the leftmost and Kitschmas is in the middle of the photo on the left. At first I thought it would clash with her Renee Salud filipiniana gown but it worked just fine.

I loved these pigments so much I went to MAC in Rustan’s Makati the day after the wedding to buy my own set. Sadly, they’re all sold out. I though I would never see them again until, more than a month after the wedding, I laid my eyes on a set displayed in another MAC store. Guess where? In the duty free shop in Bangkok’s international airport! I grabbed a box without hesitation and the saleslady said it was the last set. Whew!

Here’s Karen’s before pic:

I love her nicely shaped eyebrows!

and after:

no lipstick yet

final look:

More shots from Niceprint Photography:

The purple eyeshadow was surprisingly wearable, even for weddings. Good choice, Karen! =)


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