I instantly liked Tricia when we met for trial makeup because we had 2 things in common– we’re both cheerleaders from Holy Spirit and we both love animal prints. She loves animal print so much that her debut’s theme is safari!

Since she’s a performer, i assumed she’s used to having makeup done and had no qualms when I said I wanted to do smoky eyes on her. On the day of her debut, she even bumped it up and said that she wanted to have the smoky cat’s eye look (that means a winged smoky eye), and if maybe we could double the false eyelashes daw. I love it!Though we’re going to do a smoky eyes, her makeup should still be not overly dramatic because her dress and fascinator by Mich Dulce is already busy. In this case, the highlight is the dress and the makeup should just be complementary to it and not the other way around.

Here’s a before shot of her:

And after:

Don’t you just love the leopard print fascinator? For her eyes, I used a black-forest green (safaring-safari)-gold palette.  I extended the wing almost up to her eyebrows and put 2 layers of natural false eyelashes to make her eyes look bigger. I kept the rest of her face natural so the focus is just on the eyes and her outfit.

Here are more photos from official photographer Kevin Tatco:

I wore an animal print top to get into the theme =)

Tip: When doing smoky eyes, put powder under the eyes to “catch” any eyeshadow that will fall.When you’re finished, simply sweep off the powder, together with any eyeshadow that fell, and you get clean undereyes =)


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